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Postby seaton » Fri Feb 15, 2008 2:44 am

As you can see some changes are a-foot with the site

I've upgraded the forums to better handle the spam issues, and after a couple of weeks in operation I'm glad to say it has resolved the least for now anyway. Registrations now don't require my intervention or get lost in a hoarde of spam registrations, and I must say the forum management side of things is alot nicer.

I've also set up another dedicated forum for wireless, currently just covering the RFM12 module as I've been getting a few queries outside of the project in relation to a few of my posts on the blog about the RFM12, and seeing I could find very little on the net for to this module I though it wise to make a home for it.

New website is underway, rather than just running everything from my blog, so stay tuned.

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